Lets Talk Turkey

Dated: November 26 2019

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Thanksgiving is coming up and that means it’s time to talk turkey.  As the centerpiece of your family gathering, you’ll want to get it right. But who knew there was so much to consider!  The New York Times recently published the ultimate guide to roasting a turkey.  But, they also note that the roasting part only comes after you’ve decided what kind of turkey you might want, with choices ranging from organic to free range, Kosher, heritage and others.  You’ll need to think about bringing, stuffing and trussing. And then, of course, there’s the cooking part with techniques that include frying and spatchcocking.   For all you traditionalists out there, the article provides a helpful video and step- by-step guide to simply roasting and carving your bird.  Take a look – and you’ll be thankful for an easy explanation of November’s biggest cooking challenge. 

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